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Industrial lubricant

Industrial lubricant
Industrial lubricant
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Product Code : LUB-1
Brand Name : Lubgraf
Product Description

Specialty lubricants of Lubgraf have found applications in a broad spectrum of industries ranging from Power, Fertilizer, Steel plants, Automobiles, Textiles, Metal forming, Glass, Fastener, Cement, Primary and secondary metal manufacturers, Oil drilling and refineries, Railways, Plastic processing, Sugar and Paper mills, Forging and die casting units and many others. Apart from general requirement, there has been steady demand for specialty lubricants for critical/specific applications.

These specialty lubricants are developed in-house with extensive commercial trials, so all lubricants are time tested for its quality and performance. The customized products, apart from quality, have found to improve productivity and economical in the long run. The cost effective quality products such as drawing lubricant for stainless steel tubes/wires, synthetic oil for Aluminum hot rolling, greases as per defense standards for Indian navy, army and air force, glass molding lubes, cold rolling oil for steel sheets are few examples of development.

Lubgraf markets its products under brand names, which also reflect its end use,


Speciality lubricants based on MoS2, Graphite, PTFE, Silicone and Synthetics. Available as greases,oils, pastes, dispersions, bonded lubricants and aerosols.


Extreme pressure cutting oils as neat, water-soluble, semi and synthetic coolants for all kind of metal machining operations.


Drawing oils for cold drawing & pilgering operation of stainless steel, carbon steel, deep drawing water-soluble lubricant for sheet metal.


Aluminum pressure die-casting lubricants as plunger, die face lubricant, hot and warm forging lubricants, mold and extrusion lubricants for Copper, Carbon steel, Aluminum and Stainless Steel, Tubes, Bars etc.


as neat and soluble oils for Hot and cold rolling for Aluminum, Copper, & Stainless Steel.


Rust preventive oils as solvent base, oil and grease type, wax coating, dry type.